Race Day



There will be plenty of parking at the start line, but please get there early. If you are staying in Tusayan, all hotels are a short walk from the start. Please plan to walk if you are staying in town.

Gear Check

You will be given a Gear Check bag at the starting line if you wish. It will be a white garment bag that you can fill with anything you want transported to the finish line. There will be a permanent markers you can use to write your name and bib number. Avoid putting valuables in your bag.

Clothing on the Course
We will have a clothing bin to dump items in at mile 3. Anything else found along the course will be treated as trash.

Schedule Breakdown

5:00 AM – open starting line parking.
5:05 AM – first prize raffle (one every five minutes).
6:00 AM – last call for race day bib pickup.
6:30 AM – all cars should be parked.
6:45 AM – runners line up.
6:50 AM – mountain biker leaves.
6:55 AM – National Anthem.
7:00 AM – race starts!
9:45 AM – awards ceremony.
11:00 AM – finish cutoff. All runners must be off the course.

Spectator Info

Because the course is mostly off the main road, it isn’t a very spectator friendly course. Spectators are welcome at the starting line and the finish line. The fire road the course will be on will not technically be closed, but please do not drive on it. Any cars on the course will cause a lot of dust in the air and will be a hazard to our runners.

Spectators are encouraged to be at the finish line to cheer on all our runners. Parking will be available at the start line and at the IMAX Theater parking lot. We should have enough parking to accommodate everyone, but if you are staying in Tusayan then please plan on walking to the finish line; it’s a short walk from any of the hotels in town.

Any questions? You know where to find us.